Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website


Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website

How we helped them

Bloom is a bright, youthful company that needed a website to reflect their sunny character. Through a comprehensive redesign and software update, SmartNextStudio managed to build Bloom an online home that shines. Colourful, light, informative, and incredibly smooth to navigate and work, this was a project that really captured the ethos of the company.

How we helped them

About the company

A strong contender against the rising tide of online dating and gamified apps, Boom is a company concerned with traditional forms of personal matchmaking, with the aim of finding clients satisfying, long-lasting relationships. This is a company that knows what they’re doing. Using a blend of modern technology and time-honoured intuition, Bloom use background checks, face-to-face interviews, and personality assessments in tandem with their team’s incredible personal expertise.

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How we achieved their vision

Through a mixture of careful brand strategizing and advanced behind the scenes development, the SmartNextStudio team created an online home for Bloom Matchmaking that really stands out. Our programmers updated the functionality of the site, utilising the very best of modern development tools and techniques. Meanwhile, our talented design team took Blooms existing aesthetic and supercharged it to create a cohesive, unique, and attention-grabbing brand.

Bloom everywhere

This is a website that we want everyone to see. So, we kickstarted Bloom’s conversion rates by using a wide-reaching SEO and keyword strategy, while tasking our developers with improving and maintaining performance and loading speeds across all devices and formats. From smartphones to tablets, Bloom is now available to everyone, everywhere.

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Science and personality meet in the easy 4 step process at Connectricity. No long essays or complex questionnaires, just a few meetings with experts and you're on your way. What we did for them — Custom website, Logo, Design, Coding, SEO, Support, Advertising, CRM solution.

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