Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website


Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website

How we helped them

Matchmakers need the right tools for the job, and SmartMatchApp is about as perfect a tool as anyone could hope for. If matchmaking is a nail, then SmartMatchApp is the invention of the hammer. Everything is easier when you’ve got the right kind of toolbox, and with all this on offer, SmartMatchApp needed a clean, smart, and densely informative website that grabbed visitors attention and didn’t let go until they knew what the company was all about. So, that’s what we gave them.

How we helped them

About the company

SmartMatchApp is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management CRM software that boasts over 100,000 users worldwide. From dating to education, government to events, matchmaking is central to almost all industries in one way or another, and SmartMatchApp understands that. They didn’t just create a tool for romantic matchmakers, they created a CRM system that could be used by anyone, in any industry, with ease and efficiency. The modern world is all about multitasking, and SmartMatchApp can do that with their eyes closed, and help you do it too.

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How we achieved their vision

With so many features and target industries, it was important to create a minimalist aesthetic that could carry a lot of information in a fun, relaxed, and attention-grabbing way. In order to achieve this, our design team worked within a tight, cool colour palette, and created a unique style of minimalist graphics that intrigue readers without diverting their attention. Meanwhile, our development team worked hard to update the background software, utilising the very best in modern programming to create a website that runs smoothly and delivers an excellent user experience with high conversion rates.

SmartMatchApp Mobile

A toolbox needs to be portable, and so it was vital that the SmartMatchApp website would be available and fully functioning on all kinds of devices and in various formats. While preserving lighting fast loading speeds and developing robust SEO systems, our developers integrated accessibility across all screen sizes and platforms, ensuring that nobody is left behind when it comes to viewing what SmartMatchApp has to offer.

Client's Review

SmartNext studio team designed a beautiful website and CRM for us smartmatchapp.com. We are constantly get great customers and top ranking on Google search engine. Our customers love the User Interface and we the support we get from your studio is amazing. Great work SmartNext team!

Vladislav Pohrybnyi / Full stack developer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Matchmaking for the busy 21st century. Customizable, interpretable, and endlessly flexible, this is speed dating like you've never seen before. What we did for them — Custom website, Logo, Design, Coding, SEO, Support, Advertising, Custom CRM development.

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