Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website


Custom web-design and development of the matchmaking website

How we helped them

Speed dating can be a colourful, crazy kind of experience, and we wanted to create a website that reflects that. Bright colours, fun shapes, and a no-nonsense attitude to telling the customer what they stand to gain – that’s what SpeedMatchApp is all about. We created a compact, engaging, and visually riveting website that would grab the attention of even the most distracted visitor, just like a killer outfit at a speed dating event.

How we helped them

About the company

SpeedMatchApp is a professional speed dating software that allows organisers to easily run their events and ensure maximum matchmaking efficiency. The software has a wide range of features, providing support for both preset events, and more flexible, of-the-moment style speed dating evenings. From event statistics to Eventbright integration, SpeedMatchApp can account for almost any kind of speed dating style with easy to operate features and personalized training available on request.

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How we achieved their vision

Speed dating is all about… well… speed, so the SpeedMatchApp website had to be eye catching, easily navigable, and ruthlessly efficient. Our design team created a technicoloured, geometric design that pops off the page, while our development team wove together seamless functionality with an excellent user experience. Using modern design and cutting edge programming, our team created a 21st-century brand for a 21st-century company.

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SpeedMatchApp on the go

Speed dating events don’t usually happen in office blocks, so it was important that SpeedMatchApp was able to work anywhere, from rooftop bars to cosy, brick-walled restaurants. Our development team made sure to include built-in SEO and accessibility protocols at every step of the process, ensuring that the SpeedMatchApp website is ready to go at a moments notice, with flawless loading times and rapid responses, regardless of device or format.

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Providing cutting edge matchmaking CRM to clients all around the world, SmartMatchApp is at the very forefront of the matchmaking industry. What we did for them - Custom website, Logo, Design, Coding, SEO, Support, Advertising, Custom CRM development

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